I am trying to replace my both Cabin and Engine Air filter. The problem is, not sure how to find the match for it.

I check the existing air filters and this is what it says.

Cabin Air Filter

5092 14 0762 >PET, PP< 76AA-T0GO-A000-M1

Engine Air Filter

PP, TD30< ACE63

car model: 2012 honda civic

  • Seems like a shopping question...
    – Solar Mike
    Dec 21 '19 at 21:36

According to RockAuto.com, the parts are as follows:

Engine Air Filter OEM Part #: 17220R1AA01

  • WIX 49031
  • Hasting AF1481
  • Denso 1433662
  • ACDelco A3632C
  • Beck/Arnley 0421825
  • Mahle/clevite LX3444
  • FRAM CA11113

Cabin Air Filter OEM Part #'s: 80292SDAA01, 80292SDCA01, 80292SECA01, 80292SWAA01

  • TYC 800003P
  • ATP CF40
  • Denso 4532026
  • Hastings AFC1244
  • Beck/Arnley 0422023
  • WIX 24815
  • Mahle/Clevite LA216

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