my motorcycle its a kawasaki ninja 300 2 cylinder FI, mods on it, just headlights it only have 10 k miles on it. I've had the problem for a while, it's starting to give me headaches, the problem only happens when I accelerate at half throttle(6k-7k rpm) to try to maintain a constant speed the bike seems to lose power and it doesn't matter how much i accelerate it seems that it only increases the air but not the fuel also sputtering a lots, this seems to disappear when give it full throttle or disconnect the regulator, I already tested the stator and it seems to be fine, it is a three-phase stator, test resistance (around 1.2 Ohm in the 3 phases without many changes), voltage (from arround 14 volts at idle 1500 rpm and up to about 80 volts at 5 k rpm on 3 phases) regulator by itself(not plugged in) output up to 16volts and experience some voltage drops to 2-5 volts(could be miss reading but not sure i place multimeter good on wires to test) battery ouput 12.5 volts(bike off) and up to 14.4 volts at 3k rpm soon as i turn headlights on voltage drops to 12.8 volts and increase when acelerating to 14.2 (also i can ear fuel pump slowing down when turn lights on and speed up when acelerating) already test for voltage drain( no problems here) all seems to point to bad regulator or bad battery first i see that the 3 yellow wires from stator where melted so i fix them and didnt fix my problem at all. I came to think that there was a problem in the TPS but quickly left that idea because the bike works well without the regulator plugged in(only battery powering the motorcycle) PD battery light came for couple of miliseconds and desapear intermittly, sometimes checkengine came in when vent turns on. today toke a long ride and figure out that battery was boiling acid. HELP ME Please :C

  • forget to mention that R/R was realocated when by the previous owner( maybe for heat problems, not sure) so i put it back to his original place – Oscar Garcia Quezada Dec 16 '19 at 6:05

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