Can i use 20w50 engine oil for apache rtr160 bs4? my mechanic suggested to use it

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I believe this is the Owner's Manual for this vehicle:

Apache RTR 160 Manual

On page 32 is calls for "SAE 10W-30 API-SL JASO MA2" specification oil. I did not find 20W-50 listed as an acceptable alternative.

So NO, you should not use 20W-50 in this bike.

  • Link does not work. If it's in a hot climate then 20w-50 could be okay(or even recommended). For example thats how it is for some kawasakis. the recommended oil is 10w-40 - except later on in the manual there's a chart that shows which oils are okay for what outside temperatures(-50 being 50C). That's what the numbers on the oil signify anyways. 10w-30 would top out at outside temperatures of 30 celcius. It is not out of question that 20w-50 would be the correct choice for parts of India. In most parts of the world the chart allows for almost any oil(0 to 30 celcius). Jan 22, 2020 at 6:34

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