('07 Cobalt LS, 2.2 L)

Re the passenger side engine mounts, ... The Alldata manual (AIUI, from Helm) says

  • Tighten the engine mount to body nuts to 66 N.m (49 lb ft).
  • Tighten the engine mount to bracket bolts to 130 N.m (96 lb ft) plus 45 degrees

But, specs posted elsewhere, credibly said to be from GM Global Connect say ...

  • Engine Mount to Mid-Rail Nuts 100 N.m
  • Engine Mount to Intermediate Bracket Bolts 50 N.m

These seem seriously different, esp 50 Nm vs "130 Nm + 45 degrees".

Does anyone know? Has anyone done "130 Nm + 45 degrees"? It seems like a lot.

Edit: (Not an answer) I torqued the bolts to 50 Nm, with thread locker. So far, doesn't seem to be a problem.


5 degrees seems much too small.. Perhaps it is a typo...

But 45 degrees is more likely, and seen 90 and 120 degrees for some bolts - depends on the design of the bolt and the "stretch" to be accounted for.

  • 5 is my typo. Corrected. I'm more concerned about the 130 Nm (~100 lb-ft)
    – George
    Nov 19 '19 at 22:09

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