So I have a Suzuki Celerio 2014 CVT that vibrates really bad whenever we shift to a gear at idle. If we shift it back to either Neutral or Park, the vibration stops completely and immediately. This vibration fades away slowly and completely disappears as the car starts to move. And as it slowly come to a stop, the shaking comes back to haunt you. The shaking is the most intense when just shifting from N/P to a either R/D/3/2/L. And then the intensity will decrease after a moment, then intensity level will stabilize from there.

I would describe the shaking to sound similar to like a sewing machine, or a low RPM automatic rifle (in video games). It's like the car is being quickly punched over and over again from the inside. Kinda like sputtering but idk how that actually sounds. It's like the engine was going to shut off

What we did:

  • Changed all spark plugs

  • Changed oil (naturally)

  • Changed automatic transmission fluid

  • Throttle body cleaning

  • Servo and engine air filter cleaning

  • Replaced faulty engine support (right side). The left mount was slightly shaking but we have not yet replaced it for now. The right one was the most damaged.

The vibration is still there. But honestly it's not all consistent. Sometimes it's there sometimes it's kinda there lol. It's never not there though. There will always excessive shaking.

I tried asking for help on other communities and I was told it's maybe an unclean MAF sensor, or a bad/faulty idle air control. But honestly I don't even know if my car has these things. Because I'm a newbie lol

Should I triple check the rest of my motor mounts? I only replaced the right side. The left side might still be causing it, and I'm not sure about the front/rear mounts.

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    Could possibly be a problem in the torque converter. – HandyHowie Nov 19 '19 at 8:38

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