i would like to power on the obd device without ignition to vehicle. Am trying to establish some connection for programming work buy connecting to my laptop. Any way to do this?

  • If you get a batter powered or USB connected device it should be able to power up without electricity from the vehicle – GdD Nov 12 at 11:37
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    If there is no power at the OBD port, then there will not be any communication either. – Moab Nov 13 at 16:08

I'm not real sure what your asking but if your just trying to power the tool on the bench:

If your scan tool has an external plug for power then you simple feed it 12VDC.

If your tool does not have external power supply port then you can power it using 12VDC with + clipped to pin 16 and - clipped on pins 4 & 5 inside the tools obd2 connector.

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