I have Mazda 3 (2005) and i read a while ago that i can use ELM327 (OBD2) to automate many tasks like.

  • Lock & Unlock my cars doors
  • Check whether my car doors are locked
  • Check A/C Temperature ( I don't have the stereo screen anymore )
  • Check A/C Level ( I don't have the stereo screen anymore )
  • Turn the lights on / off.

Many sites and articles says that you can do these things but using CAN bus using the manufacturer's custom codes (which i need to somehow find) but none of them shows how and i couldn't find a working way to do that (Sniff for example) on both linux of windows (10).

i tried:

  • Python-OBD.
  • The ELM327 software the came with the device.
  • scappy
  • wireshark

The main goal is to automate as many things as possible in my car and to build a system that will analyze my gas consumption according to my parameters.

if anyone knows how to help me that would be mush appreciated :)

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