Good morning! I have a BMW E46 that has been showing me a dash light light on ABS DSC Parking Brake light. When driving it will bring gear light when changing from 2 to 3 it we then enter safe mode until I turn it off for like minutes. The gear light will go off. I scanned it and it gave me these codes:

  • (96) Egs can wheel speeds
  • (34) gear monitoring 2
  • (5e1e) Abs/Dsc steering wheel sensor
  • (5e43) Abs/Dsc steering wheel internal
  • (5da0) Abs wheel speed sensor
  • (278E),(27C3) oil level Sensor
  • (28D7) Alternator communication
  • (C7) tank level sensor
  • (5D93)front Abs sensors

I have change the two front sensors and erased all the codes. After test drive the light came back please what should I do to make the car useable?

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