I'm having a problem with the power door locking system on my 2011 Toyota Highlander.

To put it simply: Un-locking the doors with the power lock system works fine, but locking the doors with the power lock system doesn't work.


The usual actions that would trigger the doors to un-lock are working correctly:

  • Shifting into Park
  • Pressing the Unlock rocker switch on the driver's door
  • Clicking the Unlock button on the remote fob (twice)

Each of these actions causes all 4 doors to unlock. So un-locking is normal.

However, the corresponding actions that should cause the doors to lock, do not work.

  • Shifting out of Park
  • Pressing the Lock rocker switch on the driver's door
  • Clicking the Lock button on a remote fob

Currently, none of those actions cause the doors to lock.

One other related piece of information: Locking the doors with the remote fob would ordinarily produce a single beep from the alarm system, if everything were working normally. Currently, I do not hear a beep when I push the Lock button on the fob. This makes sense, since the doors are not locking.

BUT, if I manually lock each of the 4 doors from the inside (i.e., flip the locks one by one on the doors), and then click the Lock button on the fob, I do hear the single beep.

Any advice on how I can troubleshoot this further?

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