My 2005 Ford Explorer Sport Trac wobbles from 55-60 mph, I changed all four tires and it felt slightly worse, they balanced the tires but I went to kost and they rebalanced the front tires and charged me 40 bucks, said that was the problem but it still wobbles but steering wheel does not wobble at all

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    Sounds like this could be Wheel beerings. If your steering wheel isn't wobbling it means that the wobbling isn't being transfered through the steering rack. I expect something like wheel beerings, or some other component going bad and causing slop. Jack the car up and see if there is any side to side and top to bottom play in the wheel. If you jiggle the wheel it shouldnt rock back and forth without turning the steering wheel. – H. Daun Oct 16 '19 at 19:39
  • Were your ball joints checked? They could be loose. And is this a front-wheel or rear-wheel drive truck? – Mike Waters Nov 20 '19 at 0:06

Bad wheel bearings. Common issue with Explorers. https://repairpal.com/bearings-boots-wheel-assembly-studs-956

If you want to be sure before taking it into the mechanic, just jack it up enough to get the tire off the ground (E-Brake on), then try to wiggle the tire back and fourth. Tires should be solid with no movement. If there is some free play, then you know it's a bearing.

Just Google "bad wheel bearing" for more information.

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  • Specifically, grip the top and bottom and wiggle them. Having a slight amount of side to side movement is expected, because the steering isn't fixed. – the_storyteller Mar 17 at 21:48

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