Toyota Corolla 2008

My dashboard lights, tail lights and gear shift lights are all not working properly. Sometimes they will all come to life and they will stay working until I turn my headlights off, but when I try turn them back on nothing (even immediately after). I can't notice a pattern on when they do and don't turn on, it seems pretty random to me.

I did a continuity test on all the fuses and they all appear to be fine.

Another thing I noticed is that I will turn on my headlights and when the dash lights do come on I will here a little 'click' which I believe to be a relay. So that 'click' is happening when they do turn on but not before then.

This makes me think the problem is somewhere between the relay and the switch. I'm thinking it could be the relay (but I have no idea where to find it) or the wiring. Is there anything else it could be? Or what other tests could I do? Anyone know how to find a wiring diagram or anything that might get me a bit closer?

Cheers for any help!

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