VEHICLE: 2008 A4 S-Line (Quattro)

FACTORY SOUND: Symphony II (Blaupunkt)


The Pioneer receiver I purchased has both a "pre-amp" side and RCA. For the last couple of years, I used an ENFIG_SRWH_AUD3_HILO until the "pre-amp" side (for some unknown reason) worked intermittently then died. I took the unit out and tested that the RCA side still worked and so ordered ENFIG_SRWH_AU2.

Oddly enough, all the rear (including sub) seems to work perfectly -- no low sound or anything. However, I have zero front speaker sound. I also attempted to switch the RCA cables just to see if I could route the rear sound to the front speakers, but there's nothing. My guess is that the front speakers need to be driven independently and I goofed.

Am I missing something obvious? Did I get the wrong cable? Is there no good way to use the RCA with the stock internals in this vehicle?

Thanks in advance.

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