I have a Honda CrV Diesel 2.2L. The DPF light turned on and i lost power. The car has chip. I have twice my car regenerate then I get back the power of my car. Then after 1 week the DPF turn back on. The third time i took the chip out still did not work. Honda told me that the DPF is not full. What will be exactly the problem.

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  • I appreciate that this is a frustrating problem for you but please don't post duplicates of your question - it's only going to make it confusing and harder for you to get the answers you need. – motosubatsu Oct 8 at 8:44
  • What year is the car? I've heard of some issues similar to this on ~2012 model CRVs where Honda claimed it was a software issue that could be resolved with an update - although there's been mixed reports about the efficacy of the "fix" – motosubatsu Oct 8 at 8:44

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