I recieved a my new evap purge valve (for a 2015 ford edge sport) and it came with a major kink in the line. Is this still safe to use or will the line be damaged inside? I cannot separate it from the other parts to inspect it

enter image description here


"Is it safe to use a folded evap/vacuum line?"

No its not, They need to have high flow, either return it for another or use a heat gun on low to straighten it out and make it round again

  • If the heat gun doesn't make it right, remove it and replace with a high quality rubber hose (ask for fuel line @ local autoparts store.) You can also add hose clamps. Inexpensive fix. A lot depends on where you bought it... a high quality auto parts store will warranty an improper storage crimp like this. – zipzit Sep 19 '19 at 23:19

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