I have a 2004 mustang GT with the 4.6L N/A V8 and I am having some troubles. My car had some issues about a month ago. And I had to replace the intake manifold the alternator the water pump and the battery. The car after about a week or 2 of driving my alternator gave out or something and after I would pass about 3500rpm the radio, instrument cluster, and some lights would all shut off. I drove it just a little bit and then went and got the alternator returned for a new one. It fixed the problem but now my battery lights is on (not flashing) and it runs fine. But I have an aftermarket boss head unit and 2 10' subwoofers in the back and any time I have the audio up and the bass knob turned up the bass will cut out and cut back in as if the capacitor is not holding a charge. This started happening about 2-4 days ago and now it really becoming an issue. And the battery light is just annoying to look at. Any advise?

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