I came across this German license plate of which I really don't know where it comes from. It has 4 signs, consisting of 3 letters and 1 number. See picture beneath:

German license

I don't have to know from what region it comes (privacy for the car owner) but really want to know if this is just a common license plate or a special one. I'm used to 6 symbols on a (European) license plate, 4 seems really uncommon for me.

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  • A single character in the middle and a single digit at the end is rare, but possible. There is no special meaning, in fact, one can choose this part. More interesting is that OP means Opladen. Once a city on its own, it is part of Leverkusen since 1975. So, OP is not assigned any more, today they get LEV. (I'm living almost next to Opladen) – sweber Aug 30 at 20:21
  • @sweber so I was correct for the important part then... – Solar Mike Aug 31 at 6:59
  • Maybe a Diplomat? – Moab Sep 1 at 16:57

First two letters are the designation of a particular town or licensing area, after that I can’t remember but should be easy enough to google...

So see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vehicle_registration_plates_of_Germany

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