can anyone confirm what that black box between the writing DLC plug and Air filter. it has 3 relays in their. Mine areenter image description here missing and not sure which ones go in there.

  • Is there a legend inside the lid? If not, then the user or workshop manual will usually shown the type of relay and rating, have you checked?
    – Solar Mike
    Aug 6 '19 at 8:28
  • thanks for replying. sorry about the other msgs, first time im using this.
    – kuli
    Aug 6 '19 at 8:58
  • there are 3 connections, however there are no relays in there. the car has been parked for around 5 years and dont start. i wasnt sure if there are suppose to be in their. Also i dont have user or workshop manual
    – kuli
    Aug 6 '19 at 9:00
  • A quick search gives this: fuse-box.info/bmw/bmw-5-series-e39-1996-2003-fuses-and-relay
    – Solar Mike
    Aug 6 '19 at 9:25
  • thanks its a e34 1995, ill see what google has for me. Thanks for you support.
    – kuli
    Aug 6 '19 at 10:37

Here are the relays in that box

enter image description here

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