VW CC 2010 2.0L Turbo (Sport) CBFA SULEV

My car is a special variant of the normal VW CCs where instead of the CCTA engine I have the CBFA engine which basically means it has 2 catalytic converters and 3 oxygen sensors in order to make it NY and CA emissions friendly.

I live in Georgia.

Recently i got a P0420 which means it's time to replace the cat. Unfortunately they don't sell the upstream cat as a separate piece so my only option is to replace either only the downstream converter or the whole assembly.

The CCTA catalytic converter assembly is about $400. The CBFA one is $1000. Part 3C0254506EX

They both have 2 oxygen sensor ports, the third port for my car is on the turbo flange.

Since I dont live in NY or CA. Would it be okay to buy the CCTA version?

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