I have a Ford Ranger 2001 in which I installed an Avital 2101L remote locking system and actuators 5 years ago. It has been working flawlessly until today.

The actuators have quit responding to the remote, but the horn, panic system, and some kind of relay (I hear it clicking) respond. If the driver and passenger locks are in the opposite positions (1 locked, other unlocked) there is a relay which clicks every second. If they are in the same position, the relay doesn't click. Also, when the ignition is first turned own, the doors are supposed to lock, but they don't. And when it is turned off, they are supposed to unlock, but they don't. So, for some reason the actuators are not firing, but they system knows if they are in different positions.

The 2101L has on-board relays. Suggestions short of replacing the unit, please.

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