I was parallel parking and got too close to the curb. I didn’t notice anything until I started driving and heard some weird sound. I took off about an 8" long, finger-thick piece of rubber on the sidewall and the car seemed normal afterwards. Do I need to change the tire or this should be fine?

enter image description here

  • Pretty ugly; on the other hand, in the good old days of mostly parallel parking , one would occasionally see tires that had rubbed curbs so often that the fabric was showing on the side walls ( bias tires). – blacksmith37 Jun 22 at 23:41

Based on the photo, I would keep driving. Its enough rubber that the wheel balance might be off, though.

  • Looks like a couple pretty deep divots under the globe...I'd replace as soon as possible. Sidewall damage is not repairable. – Huesmann Jun 24 at 13:45
  • Looks like all of the damage is restricted to the sacrificial rim protector – Steve Matthews Jul 24 at 10:17

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