Ok so a little background, I had put the blue led 578 sylvanias only one, in the rear dome. It never illuminated when the car was off, then I get blue led light strips for the front doors. I wired 2 led light strips to the wires of the rear dome, still no problems. It has been 2 1/2 weeks I have had those installed and had no problems at all. Now yesterday 6/20 I bought 2 white sylvania led 578 lights for the front to offset the blue and I went to install them and at first they didn’t turn on my rear was on indicating I had power to it. I decided to take out the blue and try the white in the back, worked no problem. So I try the blue upfront, works no problem. Try the white again both ones I bought, and still nothing until I wiggled it around I got them all illuminating when I need them but now all three glow as to before the rear never kept glowing. I also checked the led light strips and they do not illuminate at all when the car is off. So my question is anyone know of how to and what going on here? It really confuses me as to how the rear now illuminates as well

  • Just checking—you're aware that LED bulbs have polarity, and if you install them with polarity reversed they won't work? – Huesmann Jun 24 '19 at 13:53

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