Apparently my crank sensor is in the distributor on my Mazda Demio. The engine type is Mazda B3E, and the distributor is B5B4 T2T60572 ... I can’t find it anywhere else but how is this possible ? Many thanks :)

enter image description here

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Because the distributor is driven directly from the crankshaft at half-speed.

This means the sensor is picking up a "slower" signal and either way it gives the ecu the information needed.

Other engines use a sensor based on the flywheel rotation and the signal needs to be divided by 2, done in the ecu.

  • thanks mike, is it less or more likely to go wrong than a crank shaft located one? thanks again, and seeing as they sell one, do we dismantle the distributor to fit a new one? Jun 16, 2019 at 10:23

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