A couple of days ago I went over to a friend who owns an older KTM motorcycle and as I was having a look on his motor I noticed a component on his carburetor which looked like something electronic but had no cables attached to it. It is similar to the black component on this image.

enter image description here

What is this component?

  • Without a photo of the actual carby we couldn't say for sure. Sounds like @Solar Mike is probably right though.
    – H. Daun
    Jun 13 '19 at 7:52

That would iirc be a temperature controlled choke unit, so if it is warm enough then the choke is off.

Operated by a temperature-sensitive coiled spring.

  • i have tried to google it with "motorcycle temperature controlled choke unit" term and some variations but i cannot find much. Most of the components and images don't look the same. Probably i will take my friends carb apart to clarify this. hehehe...
    – kokobill
    Jun 13 '19 at 8:13

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