I have a 2013 Mercedes SLK that would not start one day due to a dead battery. I called Mercedes Roadside Rescue, they came out and gave me a jump with a battery charger. Right after that I got an error message on my dashboard with an image showing that my hood was still up. I told the mechanic for Mercedes Roadside Rescue. He open the hood and close it again and it appeared that the light has gone off. As I pulled out my driveway and started to drive again I noticed that the light came back on. Also I noticed that my heat wasn't working at all. It wouldn't even turn on nothing. Is it possible that it could be due to being jumped improperly or maybe a faulty battery charger box?

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  • Using a helper person does the hood message reliably done and go if you push on the switch that detects whether the hood is open? Have you tried checking/replacing the fuse that protects the cabin electrics/heater system? – Caius Jard Jun 4 at 3:39
  • Thanks for replying to me. The hood message appears when I put the car in gear and start to drive. So if I'm at a traffi light it comes on right as I'm about to start driving again. No I haven't had the fuse checked. I'll try that. Thanks. – jamack2004 Jun 5 at 17:45

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