My '09 Subaru legacy has 62,000 on it. It's been running fine all these years. recently, my temperature gauge needle is slowly rising. Not going completely into the red but just under it. No smoke or steam coming from my engine. Happened a few times last week - once after running for 15 minutes on the highway another for running for over an hour. It does not happen regularly - it's very random. Got my radiator flushed, new thermostat, checked the hoses, checked the head gasket. Anything that could cause it to overheat is fixed. I'm thinking it's something non-engine related due to non-smoking or steaming. No engine lights go on. Just temperature gauge raising just under the red. Help! Please anybody have this problem? I'll appreciate the help.

  • Checked the pump? – Solar Mike May 31 at 15:11
  • Gauge/sender could be in error. – mike65535 May 31 at 15:42
  • Where did the new thermostat come from? Subaru's are very (very!) particular about the thermostat used. You NEED to buy the thermostat from a dealer; it's a different design to the ones that the car spares stores sell (even if they say 'It's OEM', it isn't... ) – PeteCon May 31 at 17:46

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