My VW CC 2010 2.0L Sport CBFA has three oxygen sensors and two catalytic converters. The CCTA version has 2 oxygen sensors and one catalytic converter.

Since the engine is in a transverse 4 configuration, there is only Bank 1, but I'm confused on what numbers identify which sensor.

For my car the configuration is like this. Sensor 1 (closest to engine and on first cat) -> sensor 2 or 3 (dont know) -> cat 2 -> sensor 2 or 3 (dont know)

In a CCTA it's easy since obviously sensor 1 is upstream and sensor 2 is downstream, but for CBFA I'm left guessing.

They also use words like downstream, center, intermediate, upstream.

Does upstream = sensor 1? Does center = sensor 2? Does downstream = sensor 3?

Getting code p0420 and p2096

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