I need help. I have a 2014 Grand Cherokee and what is happening is the esc light keeps coming on while driving. When it does, the car reduces speed and even with the pedal to the floor it’s barely reaching 45 mph. Forced me to pull over,turn the car off then on for the light to go away. Car drives fine for a few minutes,then light comes back on and does the same thing over again. Driving from Philly to Dover Delaware,I had to pull over like 6 times. Can anyone help??? Is this gonna cost me a lot of money?

  • Welcome to the site! It sounds like your car is going into "limp mode" where the engine computer detects a problem and limits the power of the engine to prevent damage. It's impossible to say how much money it will cost without knowing what is wrong, and for that we need more information. Cars have On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) ports which output error codes, most auto parts stores will read them for free. Once you have the codes edit your question with them. – GdD May 29 at 11:17

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