I have been buying a sat/nav from 2012 and my car S-max 2,5 are from 2007, I can not get the climate control to function, any ideas ??

  • Welcome to the site! Your question isn't very clear, are you saying you have replaced your satnav and now your climate control doesn't work? – GdD May 24 at 12:20
  • The satnav used to work? or never worked? when was it installed? – Solar Mike May 24 at 13:40
  • the radio and sat/nav works but not climate control. – Steen Lauritsen May 25 at 15:03

I have replaced the radio which where in the car to the sat/nav blaupunkt travelpilot nx. My car are from 2007 and the sat/nav 2012 and now the climate control do not work. All cables fits but the climate control wont work

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