I have installed remote central locking unit and autoclose windows module successfully after close consultation for your advise.....

Now, I bought new battery 45ah rating (just 3 months old) having fully Green Color status which comes with 3 battery status indicator... Green light for ok, white for needs charging and red for contact dealers.

After keeping the car to park and sit for about 2 days straight, I checked the said indicator which surprisingly turns from green to almost complete white colour.

I checked the alternator which gives about 14.2 v on engine running and there is no issue from car. No codes in the GSCAN too. No suspects faulty from car.

Being worried for huge parasitic current draw, I gone through several helps and videos on internet and accordingly, tested with multimeter which gives just 0.03 amps or 30 mAmps. This value is very well much within acceptable range.(if not, please correct me). Also, there is no starting issues at this point of time.

I have also gone to service centre and checked the battery health which shows everything including plates are perfect and proof is attached herewith.

Im really worried for why such quick color change happens in just 2 days being battery is all new!!!!????? Please, kindly clear me on this specific issues. Thanks.enter image description here

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