Here is the original ECU of the car, but I have a question whether it can be replaced by another ECU with the same MEG code but different from the 39110-04006 line (by uploading the original firmware of the ECU head for replacement ECU). If it can, help me some ECU codes can replace ECU in photos that work well with my car? Thanksenter image description here


No. If you can't get the exact number ECU, send yours in to be rebuilt. Do not use a different part #


Many ecu's will have the same hardware number and just different software. Some part numbers are even just different calibrations for the same system. I do not know the ecu in question here to answer the questions fully but it is common to use different part numbers when replacing the ecu. Some cases its easy to downgrade or change software and can be done with the manufactures flashing software and sometimes its not as easy but doable with the right tools. As long as the hardware is the same then it can work. However if your not sure of what your doing or the skill of your mechanic doing it, it is probably best to match all the numbers for simplicity.

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