Car is a 2003 BMW z4 2.5i. SES light on with lean codes P0171 and P0174.O2 sensors seem to oscillate fine at idle. Couldn't find any vacuum leak using the cigar smoke test method. Cleaned Mass airflow sensor but didn't work.

idle 700rpm: maf: 3.0g/s Ltft1 16.41 stft1 -1.56 ltft2 17.97 stft2 -1.56

1500 rpm: maf 5.4 g/s ltft1 14.06 stft1 4.69 ltft2 14.48 stft2 3.12

3000 rpm: maf 20.5g/s ltft1 12.50 stft1 4.69 ltft2 12.50 stft2 4.69

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