Given an adapter which gives raw access to the obd bus and a computer with real time scheduling, how to limit the speed of the car through RTLinux or Android ?

The point is to never go faster than 130Km/h at ɢᴘꜱ speed or 134Km/h at onboard speed counter in order to not get caught whatever the slope given my driver license don’t allows me to drive faster than 110Km/h anyway.

  • A quick look gives a wide list of devices over 100€ which only does this, but the software that powers them is closed source and their manufacturers questionable. And I’ve already raw access with an app which allows to send raw commands through keyboard. – user2284570 May 16 at 22:49
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    Is the Mk1 right foot somehow insufficient? – motosubatsu May 17 at 8:43
  • @motosubatsu sorry, I m not English native so I don t understand the joke here. I m a newbie in driving (hence I m on bail for 3 years with the 110Km/h speed limit) so manual speed regulation as well as parking is still problemetic. Not to say that the problem was also one of the major issue with the yellow jacked protest of this country. – user2284570 May 17 at 12:14
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    Being as kind as I can here - what you have here is not a technical problem it's a driving problem. If you enforce a limit like this technically for the three years you aren't actually going to learn how to regulate your speed (which you should already know). And it won't even "protect" you when driving in limits below the 110Km/h zones. Being able to correctly identify the appropriate speed for the situation/conditions and being able to stick to that is a key skill. Focus on that instead. – motosubatsu May 17 at 12:35
  • Wish I could give multiple upvotes for comments. Why is it so difficult to follow the speed limit? Everyone you see around you had to learn to do it at some point, and I doubt they're all using software to automatically limit their speed. – Kitsunemimi May 17 at 13:18

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