I replaced my 4 tires, wheel bearings, all brake pads and rotors one year ago. Recently, sometimes not always, I can hear there is a noise coming from my tire while driving. The noise is not a constant or an all-the-time, it is sounding only once per round. So as the speed goes faster, the noise goes higher frequent. If I don't drive, then no noise. Not like a bad wheel bearing, if I close my window then I can't hear it.

I tried to remove small rock inside the tread, then noise seems gone, but, if I brake heavily, somehow the noise comes back once I release the brake.

Another thing I notice is that it happens most likely on sunny days or it's hot. I didn't hear noise on rainy days.

I would like to know what could be the problem before going to the auto-service.


I have more clue, the noise happens every time after I release brake if I push my brake pad heavily.


Every time when the noise is sounding, as long as I park for a couple of minutes, then it goes away.


Yesterday and today, I watched other questions and I start give up hand brake and the noise never shows up again, I guess it could be my worn out band brake as I've never replaced it. Let me observe more to demonstrate if it is true.

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