I am new here!

I did the search but I can't find an answer on my question. I have e90 320d 177hp 2008 model. When I lock or unlock the doors or even when I open the door I hear a buzzing & clicking sound under the hood. I think it comes from under the turbo controller electronics box and control arm. When you look at it you can see that the control arm, which is moving variable turbine baldes, moves down and you can see it is vibrating. From the black box above the turbine (probably turbo control electronics box) you can hear buzzing sound, like little electric motor, for about 40 seconds then it stops. After that control arm is pushed up again. If you press lock or unlock button it starts again. Does anybody know what is car doing and is it normal? Do your cars do the same? You can try that on your car. Listen on the turbo side of the engine. You can put your finger on that little black box above turbine to feel how it is vibrating. This is all happening while engine is off.

Please help!

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