My 02 Accord has started developing a shudder when the automatic transmission shifts from first to second gear. There is also a shudder when moving from Park to Drive. This shudder is also worse when the transmission is hot (as I discovered this week during an 1800 mile road trip over 3 days) and can severely shake the car and I also see the engine revs drop off momentarily. Note that there is no engine oil or water consumption, and the engine runs perfectly when out of the lower gears.

My guess is that the transmission needs an overhaul of some sort but I have no clue as to how major this job will be. Can it be done in situ, or does it require the transmission being removed?

The car is 17 years old and has 168k on the clock and is probably worth well less than $2k on a good day. I was plannng on replacing it this year, but just not yet. On the other hand I don't want to be caught out by the transmission dying on me, so the overall economics of the situation are in a fine balance.

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