I have just purchased a used Honda Accord Euro 2005. I did not check the tyre number while purchasing. Yesterday one the tyres was bursted. Then I matched the tyre number mentioned in the door of the car and actually installed tyres. The recommended tyre numbers on the door were 205/55R16 91V ans 225/45R17 91W however, the tyre number of installed tyres was 215/40zr17. What do you recommend? Should I install 215/40zr17 or should I change all the four tyres? Additionally please let me know what is difference between 91V and 91W on tyres number. Thanksenter image description here


You should check the rim size, which I would assume to be 17".

The previous owner fitted a tire which was slightly narrower than specified - this will not usually make a difference.

The 91V and 91W are speed and load ratings - there are many tire shops etc detailing these details, but you should match what is fitted on the vehicle.

Here is but one site showing that information :


  • The side profile is also smaller than the spec from the door jamb sticker. This means that overall, his wheels + tires are smaller than those sizes. But, I still agree, OP should just get another tire that is the same size as the current ones. If he has extra money to spare, he could get a new set of 4 that comply with the 225/45R17 spec. Apr 29 '19 at 15:34

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