First of all I am new to the forum world but I have reached a dead end and would welcome any new input.

My Mondeo was driving perfectly when suddenly and without any warning symptoms the engine cut out and will not start. I am not new to working on cars and have a fully equiped workshop but after two days I have achieved nothing. I should also add that I have two identical cars and the other one is running. So far I have:

  • Checked that there is fuel at the rail.
  • Checked that all injectors are receiving fuel
  • Checked that fuel flows freely from the filter which is fairly new
  • Checked that the fuel pressure regulator on the pump is working
  • Swapped over all relays from the running car
  • Swapped over the flywheel sensor from the running car.
  • Checked the fuel output from both high pressure pumps. They were identical.
  • This car does not have a second low pressure delivery pump.
  • The glow plugs are working.
  • The running car has four new injectors and my next text will be to put these in the non running car. I have never heard of all four injectors failing at exactly the same time !!!!!!!
  • If I squirt start pilot into the inlet it fires.

My gut feeling is that it is an electrical failure preventing the injectors from firing - but what?

I have diagnostic equipment which cam up with:

  • P2288 injector pressure above expected level
  • P0251 injector pump fuel metering control malfunction

Thanks in advance for any suggestions. I'm an English guy living in Krautland.

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