The blower fan in my Civic is really loud on the high setting; from inside the vehicle, it's much louder than the engine and even louder than wind/road noise at highway speed. Reaching up under the glove box and putting pressure on the middle of its casing while it's running quiets it down quite a bit, so it seems like it's a vibration issue, but I have no idea where to start diagnosing it further. Is this a common problem with solutions, or do I just need to replace the fan if I want to make the noise go away? I suppose I could post an audio recording if that would help.

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My 92 Civic VX fan was intermittently noisy. Removed it and discovered it was 1/3 full of leaves. Cleaned it and works like new. Took 15 minutes (would have been half that time if I was as limber as I was 30 years ago).


It sounds like the blower motor has a significant mount of debre jammed into it causeing it be off-balance or possibly even broken a blade. Or, the bearing that it spins on is just worn out. Either way you'll have to pull it down and have a look at what's going on with it, it should be noticable either way. Either it has a significant amount of play in it or there's a few blades missing, or there's an excessive amount of leaves and debre jammed in it.

If it was caused by excess debre, then make sure to have a look at the fresh air filter whenever servicing the vehicle and replace it whenever it gets too dirty.

  • As far as I can tell (both inspection and info on the net) this vehicle does not have any cabin air filter. So it's very possible there's lots of junk in it... Commented Jul 20, 2013 at 16:42

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