I have when seems to be an older trailer (not sure of age) which has tires labelled "6.90-9". They are in OK condition but I was looking into getting a spare, and had trouble finding anything in this size at all. Is this an obsolete size? (If so, what does that even mean - have industry norms / standards changed?)

The only other markings that the numbers is the name "Carlisle". Numbers:

enter image description here

The lack of obvious replacements makes me wonder if the trailer or at least the wheels are even older than I thought. The age isn't a problem in itself, just that I don't want to be stuck without a spare or with hard to find parts over the years.

Note - the rims are the split type where the front & back halves bolt together. This also might indicate age, or at least I haven't seen that style on any boat or utility trailer I have experience with.

Edit: Thanks to people posting links with similar tires. I realized though my question wasn't exactly asking what I meant. I had read the following on eTrailer:

...we do not currently carry the 9 inch wheels that these will fit.

I recommend upgrading just a bit in tire size so that you can use a wheel size that is more readily available.

which is what gave me the impression these could be obsolete. That's really what I was trying to figure out, whether this is no longer a common size and if so following their advice would be worthwhile in the long run..


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