I have a Toyota vehicle with the 1MZFE engine, and have purchased SAE 10W-30 engine oil to put in this car.

My question is this: Is there a problem with putting this kind of oil in my Troy-Bilt PowerSmart lawnmower? The specifications call for SAE 30, but I was wondering if SAE 10W-30 would be good enough and not give me any trouble with the lawnmower engine.

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SAE-30 is specified as the lawnmower is basically used in summer.

So, using SAE10W-30 will be fine as it has the equivalent hot specification ie the "30" part.

  • Actually, it's even better because the engine is not at the operating temperature when you start the lawnmower. I'd bet 10W-30 would cause the small engine to last longer than SAE-30.
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The user manual on the OP's web page actually recommends 10W-30 oil, for use in all reasonable weather conditions. (I suppose some Canadians might want to mow their lawn when the temperature is below 0F and should use 5W-30 instead, but I wouldn't call that "reasonable"!)

When all else fails, read the documentation: https://images.homedepot-static.com/catalog/pdfImages/21/215ed4a6-3a98-4685-a7ea-5d5487a1eb2f.pdf Page 12.

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