Father has a 2009 Audi A4 B9 2.0 TDI with automatic stop. Once upon a time the procedure for starting the car would be:

  1. Key in ignition slot on dash, to power up electrics
  2. Depress clutch
  3. Push key into dash and let it spring back, pre-start operations like glow plug activations begin
  4. Start motor activates, engine starts, start motor deactivates

There was recently a problem with the clutch, DMF and release bearing. It became impossible to depress the clutch pedal far enough for the "clutch-is-pressed" switch to activate, and the message "depress clutch pedal to start engine" remained displayed. In trying to get the car started, the clutch pedal was pushed so hard that the master cylinder exploded, and the pedal became stuck to the floor. This did however, allow the switch to activate and the car would start.

It was driven a short distance back home, basically by starting it in gear and proceeding slowly. It was later driven to a repair shop by the same process. As part of trying to set off to the shop, as the car was trying to start (in gear) the electronic handbrake activated and refused to release. A message appeared similar to "start/stop system fault: system deactivated"

Since this occurred, the start procedure has changed. It's like the system that detects engine start is no longer working. If the original start procedure is followed, the step 4) mentioned above (basically where an intelligent system takes over the part of activating the starter motor for a certain time), doesn't happen.

Instead, the new observation is:

  1. Starter motor activates, and then a quarter of a second later deactivates again, without waiting for the engine to start

We've discovered the new procedure to start the engine is:

  1. Insert key
  2. Depress clutch
  3. Push key further into dashboard and hold it there while the starter motor activates, release the key when the engine has started


We've since had everything repaired with the clutch etc, but the start procedure is still "hold the key into the dash" rather than "briefly depress the key and let the computer do the rest".

Anyone able to advise how to reset the car to the old behavior?

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