You recently helped me ot with a problem. I have another serious one. Can you help please. I replaced the timing belt. Car started no problem but was firing on three. Couldn t pinpoint the reason so took the head off and reground all the valves. Refitted everything but NOW,,, she won't start. By that I mean that she won t turn over , only very very slowly. I charged her battery overnight ( only 6 months old) ,,and I added two fully charged batteries then also tagged up a running car so in all three batteries,, made no difference,, so I tried everything I know. I fitted an extra earth,,, detached all the alternator wiring .. The engine turns by hand,,, so it s not seized or anything. So I took the belt off and took the cam and followers`off and tried the starter,, the engine flies round. I replaced the cam ( only two followers) and the belt ,,,and there the engine turns only just with all those batteries connected. SO I took out the two followers and replaced the cam and belt and STILL there the engine turns like a snail. Just to add I checked the timing a hundred times .....

SO, any ideas as to what the hell the problem is PLEASE I am totally stumped...


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    a poor starter motor... – Solar Mike Apr 11 at 17:07

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