My Suzuki Intruder VL 1500 (1998) has a front and rear ignition coil according to the OEM specifications... I'm curious if these are essentially the same even though the have different part numbers.

What is difference in a front and rear ignition coil? Can either be replaced with a generic ignition coil?

From the service manual:

On carbureted models, the ignition system consists of a signal generator, igniter with an 8-bit microprocessor (IC), two ignition coils and two park plugs. During operation, the IC in the igniter receives input from the signal generator, throttle position sensor, and MAP sensor to determine the ignition timing for the operating conditions.

The IC sends a signal to the ignition coil, the primary winding turns off and on, and a high voltage is induced in the secondary winding, which fires the spark plug.

Are here are the part numbers for the coils in question:

  • 33420-10F10 (replaces part #33420-10F00) COIL ASSY, IGNITION FRONT


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The front and rear coils may simply have different shapes due to their locations, otherwise their function is the same ie to generate a spark based on a given signal.

As for can they be replaced by a generic ignition coil, that depends what you mean by a "generic ignition coil".

If the replacement is made by a third party and says it will fit and work then yes. But if you are picking a generic item at random just because it says "coil" on it then probably no....

  • This is exactly right. Closer investigation has revealed the shape is the only difference and mechanically (electronically) they're the same part.
    – 0perator
    Commented Apr 15, 2019 at 20:21

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