OK so here's my problem ignition wires got cut on my bike so until I get the new ignition I just bypassed the ignition. But now there is no power to the push start button on right handle bar and the kill switch doesn't work right. Neutral light only come on when the kill switch is in the off position. I bypassed the neutral switch and the side stand switch light comes on at all times then but still have to jump the starter solenoid and all the bike does is turn over there is no spark. I ran diagnostics and it through the lean angle sensor code but fixed that and still nothing. Also the fuel pump turns on and runs through like 10 or more of the codes when scrolling through them I don't know if that's normal or not. But as of right now I cant figure out why no spark when turning over and why no power the the start button and the backwards kill witch with the neutral light on when switch is off. I've checked and replaced all fuses and checked relays. Any ideas I've been reading forum after forum and the manual just can't find the solution. And can't really afford to take it to theshop.

  • Most probably you have not made all the required connections to the wires that need a supply or even connecting. – Solar Mike Apr 10 at 15:48

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