I have a vehicle that I'm working on where the low side pressure is 68, and a high side pressure is 70, It's 70 degrees outside with a 30% humidity

If I'm right, The vehicle has free-on in it, but the AC compressor Isn't turning on and the fan Isn't kicking on... I called the mechanic and he said a rock and/or bird could have hit it and that would have caused all the free-on to leak out, so put some free-on in it with dye and see what happens

I don't know if the free-on that's low and that's why the compressor isn't kicking on, or if the compressor has a fuse and/or relay on a 2016 Dodge caravan sxt, 3.6L, or maybe the fan fuse has blown and It's preventing the Compressor from coming on

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