I have three issues with my new 2010 Mazda Cx7 AWD/SUV. 1. Check Tire Pressure Light On when I took possession! 2. Check Engine Light On when I took possession! 3. Shuddered briefly over 100k in Automatic Drive only when I took possession! note car has both manual and automatic. In manual the car does not shudder at 100k??

Following done to find cause?? CHECKED TIRE PRESSURE LIGHT: a) At home a TPMS on the FR Flat tire was broken during repair this was replaced. A corroded TPMS on RR tire was also repaired. Both had regular valve stems inserted. Check Tire Pressure Light remained On

b) On my current Mainland Road Trip my car still had bouts of Shuddering @ 100k while in Automatic Drive. A Ford/Mazda Dealer not able to schedule a Diagnostic recommended replace regular valve stems with TPMS's and do a Balance! On inspection during the reloading of tires with new TPMS's installed, Tire crew noticed an anomaly. Two of the tires, though exact in Make&Model were 1/4 inch shorter. Check Tire Pressure Light remained On!

c) Looked for and eventually replaced with Four brand new tires! Once Installation, Wheel Alignment and Balancing done, BINGO Check Tire Pressure Light went OFF BUT Shudder driving over 100k in Automatic mode still happening

CHECK ENGINE LIGHT: Two seperate Shops did Diagnostics. The generic DTC Code P0421 pointed to the Catalytic Converter. First line of defence replaced both Oxygen Sensors! Check Engine Light still ON!

Car is now in Transmission Shop. Car taken for Test Drive on Highway and a Diagnostic Was done. Shudder still happening, Check Engine Light still On and DTC Code still P0421 comes up Car booked in for complete Flush and Service of Transmission. According to Shop there is apossibility it's the torque converter???

Probable causes are endless: from what I've read regular Service and/or Flush should be done on Transmission around every 30,000 miles or every two years? My car only has 179840k's. I don't know if or when a Transmission Services done?

Option One: In theory with Transmission Flush/Services there are a lot of variables. With this type of service success can be determined depending on: The right time; right fluids for the right vehicles; right procedures; a reputable mechanic/shop and most importantly at what cost? Should I go piecemeal?? i.e. investigate torque converter or whatever part makes up the transmission; investigate car's exhaust health; look at the age of the vehicle; look at my age; look at what I am willing to spend OR should just say to "hell with it".

Option Two: A complete transmission overhaul. Transmission replacement is one of the most expensive jobs done by a mechanic. Where I live cost will be around $4k plus? Researching will go for remanufactured as opposed to rebuilt. Because I want my car to last me till I croak I should go for 2nd option with remanufactured transmission???

I'm stuck away from family,can't drive it till Transmission service done, or can I. I want to be able get back to my family???

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