I have a 2009 Honda shadow spirit. It is supposed to have a vacuum actuated petcock valve but the only way I can start and run it without hammering throttle or pulling choke is only if I disconnect the vacuum line from petcock? If it's running and I put the vacuum line back on the petcock it dies. And it wont start with the vacuum line on. Also if the line is off the petcock but still connected to the engine and its running, if I put my finger on the end of line I feel vacuum but it will die if I hold my finger there long ber than 2 seconds .

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    If the petcock diaphragm itself is the cause of the problem, you can get a new one, or get a rebuild kit. To test whether or not it's working, disconnect the vacuum hose from the intake, and the fuel line from the carburetor, so that they are both still connected to the petcock. Run the fuel line into some cup or bottle to catch fuel, and suck on the vacuum line with your mouth. If fuel flows freely from the petcock, and stops flowing when you stop sucking, then the petcock is working correctly. Otherwise, you can use a different container to feed gas to the carbs, or just rebuild the petcock. – the_storyteller Apr 4 at 15:04

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