We've replaced two sensors, the fuel pump, we've replaced the starter, and it's still periodically will not start. We also put a new timing belt on it a year ago. When it doesn't start it takes five to six times to get it to start sometimes not even that sometimes it's more. Took it to mechanic he started it about 80 times it started just fine hooked it up to computer nothing. he cannot figure out what's wrong with it and another mechanic look at it he has no clue what's wrong with it I've had this vehicle for 10 years so I have not changed the way I started it, drive it, nothing everything's the same. Feeling extremely frustrated because I need this van to run until January 2020 and don't have any clue what else to do. It's a 2005 Kia Sedona. I never use this site I do not sure what this tag thing is at the bottom about the oil manual transmission cuz I didn't put it there.

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