I've been told by my (non-dealer) auto mechanic that I have a crack in the flex pipe that is connected to the exhaust manifold.


Said mechanic claims that an after-market kit to repair this problem does not exist for my model year, and it will require a dealer repair costing approximately $1700.


1) Is the claim that I have to take this to a dealer accurate? Is there no after-market part that could be used?

2) Would a custom exhaust shop be able to come up with a "workaround" that would be more affordable? Would a "normal" mechanic be able to come up with such a repair, or would it require a shop that specialized in exhaust repair?


The answer is; they are partially correct.

No kit exists to repair the flex. The flex is part of the catalytic converter assembly.

To fix the issue replace the catalytic converter. A retailer such as rockauto sells replacement converters (including the flex) for under $200.

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