I'm having issues with my ctx200. It just doesn't want to idle. So the history is that the bike sat for a few months not being driven, so i took the carb off and cleaned it. From then on it started and ran fine but just didnt want to idle. When I first tried getting it to idle it would just die so I tried screwing in the idle adjustment screw which then got it to sometimes idle, but there was an issue with a hanging idle. If I revved it up it would just stay revved up and wouldn't go down again at all until I drove off again. So I replaced the throttle cable and made sure the mixture screw was 2 turns out from fully in. At this point the hanging idle disappeared but it just wouldn't idle whatsoever (just die). So I took the carb apart again and made sure the pilot jet was completely clean, I can see through all the holes and wd40 will squirt through nicely. Put it back together and now if I turn the idle screw very far in it will suddenly idle fine but only at 3000rpm(or so), if I turn the screw out a tiny little bit the idle will kind of go down to normal, but the bike will just start coughing and eventually die after a few seconds. Something else I'm suspicious off is that the carb has two open holes(nipples) and no vaccum lines of any sort atvall? There is one at the bottom that seems like a overflow drain, but then the other one is near the top out the side (which when it was coughing and splintering at one point a little fuel sprayed out? And also this nipple will spill gas out if I tip the carb upside down). Are there supposed to be any vaccum lines on the ctx200 carb?

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